5 Strategic Steps To Create an Effective Wikipedia Link for Your Small Business

Create an Effective Wikipedia Link for Your Small BusinessLink building is known for its effectiveness in terms of marketing products and services across the web. Linking your small business web page to a Wikipedia can be one of the best marketing strategies that you can practice in your business career.

Year in and year out, Wikipedia is still one of the best places to get links for your small business for free. In fact, it never fails to have a link from one the top 10 most popular websites on the Internet. A link from a Wikipedia page can increase traffic to your website, thereby increasing both your web traffic and ultimately increase your sales.

Now, here’s a list of useful strategies for creating a Wikipedia link for your small business.

1. Choose a Page That You Are Going to Own: First search for a topic on Wikipedia that is closely related to your business and your business’s interests. With those topics in mind select the page where you can contribute. Creating a page for your small businesses which does not pass Wikipedia’s notability standards will just be a wasted effort since it will still be deleted by the community.

2. Start By Being a Trusted Editor: A good start means that you are going to act as a reliable and trusted editor. Sign up at Wikipedia to get yourself a username and then begin by making valuable changes on the page that you chose using your knowledge, expertise and wide range of experiences.

Always remember that Wikipedia, despite its good reputation, still isn’t a perfect website. They depend on experts like you to help them fill in the gaps. Be a hero by correcting those inaccuracies so you’ll have the reputation of contributing useful information on that page.

Create an Effective Wikipedia Link for Your Small Business3. Make Sure That Your Website Is Worth The Link: Before adding your business link to any other website you have to make sure that your site offers something of value. First and foremost, it should have the original, reliable and relevant content. Next, it should be modernly fresh, user-friendly, and a trendsetter. And last it should be usable and high-quality in all aspects. To get the best optimization from your contribution to Wikipedia it’s best to put a specific link into a page section that the readers will find useful.

4. Time To Add Your Business Link: Before you do this always make sure that you have read and understand thoroughly the Wikipedia contributor guidelines and policies. Think carefully of how you are going to add your link on the page and what the content is going to be. Avoid spamming (placing dozens of your links that are not relevant to the page).

In addition, you have to avoid replacing anyone else’s work in favor of your own material unless you can really prove that your material is more accurate, substantial, and relevant.

    You can add your business link by:

  • Citation. This means you have to cite valuable, unique, accurate and high quality information from your own website and create a link to those on a Wikipedia page.
  • External Links. This is found at the end of the page and you can link as a relevant resource to the article.
  • Upload some media. You can make use of photographs or diagrams and any other tools to link yourself as a source.

5. Link Up Your Small Business Home Page: Remember, no one prevents you from creating as many internal links as possible. Just screen out the appropriate content within Wikipedia that you would best benefit from by being linked to your home page. This will result in increased traffic to your small business website as long as you do it correctly.

Has anyone told you lately that small business marketing can be this easy? Expect to have an improved search engine ranking of your small business website by creating strategically free small business links on the Wikipedia site. Adding links to Wikipedia can be a powerful vector to the success of your small business.